Battery Care

MODX batteries use the latest in lithium polymer technology and following a few simple
precautions when using and storing your battery will assure long life and safety through the life of the pack.

DO NOT charge battery with anything other than a charger made for Lithium polymer batteries
DO NOT leave battery unattended when charging – ALWAYS use a LIPO safe charging bag.
DO NOT connect positive and negative leads together or short wires in anyway
DO NOT alter, puncture or remove battery from its hard case
DO NOT use this battery below 6 volts
DO NOT discharge battery after use
DO NOT store battery in vehicle

If battery shows any signs of damage to the case discontinue use.
In case of odor, abnormal heating, discoloration or damage discontinue use. If the battery leaks and comes in contact with the skin, flush with water to avoid any irritation.


Inspect your new MODX battery to make sure there is no damage, leaking, puffing,
discoloration or any irregularities. When hooking up to your charger make sure the
voltage of the pack is not below 6 volts.
All MODX packs ship with a voltage of between 7.60 volts and 7.65 volts


While you do not have to balance charge your battery every time you use it, we recommend to atleast balance it every other run. The balance connector included with the pack is a JST/XH and using this every charge will help prolong the life of your pack and increase its performance.
ALL MODX LIPO’s have matched cells for top performance and maximum voltage and balancing every charge will help keep the cells as they were shipped from the factory.

Never charge your MODX battery higher than a 1c rate (4000mah pack would be 4 amps)


Always store your battery disconnected from the vehicle with a 50% – 75% charge and
away from any heat source in a dry area. When storing your battery for long periods of time (1 week+) make sure it has 75% -80% charge or 3.8v – 3.9v per cell. Storing any lower or with a full charge will damage the battery.


The web contains a lot of information on the care and maintenance of your LIPO batteries many of it is legitimate some of it is not, if you have any questions regarding your MODX battery and its care and maintenance feel free to contact us at or call us at (616)965-6639